Welcome to Festival of Arts' فستیوال هنر Gallery of THE IRANIAN ACHIEVERS

Welcome to Festival of Arts' فستیوال هنر Gallery of THE IRANIAN ACHIEVERS

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Nicole Sadighi

Nicole, the daughter of two prominent Iranian journalists, Nader Sadighi and Shahla Arasteh, was born in Tehran, Iran until her parents were assigned to the United Kingdom as London correspondents when she was just two years old, where she remained and grew up in a little town called Richmond upon Thames. And it was those little early years that she remembers wanting to grow up to be an actress.

At the age of nine she auditioned for her school's rendition of The Wizard of Oz and landed the role of Dorothy where she threw herself into the role with all her creative might. From that moment on she wanted to relive those magical moments on the stage and soon joined the local church theater and got involved in amateur dramatics at local community theater companies.

Once she graduated from high school, she went on to obtain her A levels in Business Studies, English Literature & Language and Art, after which she attended Kingston University, and received her BA in Fine Arts with Hons.

Hungry to satisfy her creative desire to act, she applied for performing arts school at Brooklands College, the only place she was able to obtain a grant to attend. At the end of her 3 year performing arts academy, she graduated with distinctions and merits. Now armed with a grounding in Stanislavski, Chekhov, and the Alexander Technique, Nicole was ready to take her career to the next level.

She wanted to learn everything there was about the industry and started her film career as a volunteer PA for film and television production companies. She quickly gained a positive reputation as an upbeat, super friendly worker who wasn't afraid to go the extra mile. Soon production companies took notice and Nicole found herself being headhunted by "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Producer Georgia Masters, whom she'd worked with previously on the BAFTA nominated "One Night Stand" starring Jemma Redgrave and James Purefoy. During this time she accumulated the experience and hands on education she needed to follow her passion in the movie industry business as an actress and a writer.

Several plays and a couple of independent films later, she soon came to the realization that her future was in Los Angeles. Since moving to L.A. she began to see the fruits of her labor, landing a lead road in the independent short "When the Lights go Down" and more recently a pilot "S.O.S I'm a Woman".

Being a passionate advocate of many causes, Nicole is keenly committed to exposing human rights violations across the globe and is often approached as a keynote spokesperson on behalf of numerous non-profit human rights and nongovernmental organization. She not only has an artistic flair as a creative writer but has been a freelance writer for many leading publications and newspapers, for a number of years.

Thus, it could be said that fortune has lead her to find the insight to establish her own production company Persepolis Pictures, and the inspiration to write, produce and direct her very first award-winning short film, 'I Am Neda', which would be her Directorial debut.

'I Am Neda' was not only Nicole Kian Sadighi's Directorial debut, but she also wrote, produced and starred and the film as Neda and the film has since won 6 awards and has received 20 nominations at 14 different film festivals, including having been nominated for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress for her role as Neda. In an interview with Javanan Magazine "As an actress who wore many hats for the making of 'I Am Neda', to be also recognized for my written and directorial debut is beyond thrilling. This film has been a huge endeavor for me, and there were so many challenges on the way. It has given me new found respects for the "Clint Eastwoods" of this world who have not only wrote and directed but at times have starred in their own movies."

'I Am Neda' has won: Platinum Remi Special Jury Award: WorldFest Houston International Film Festival Best International Film: Burbank International Film Festival Best Dramatic Short: Action on Film International Film Festival Atlantis Award Best Film Score: Moondance International Film Festival Best Short Under 30 minutes: World Music and Independent Film Festival Honorable Mention: Los Angeles Movie Awards

'I Am Neda' has been nominated: Finalist : Cannes American Pavilion for Emerging Filmmakers Finalist : USA Film Festival Official Selection : Montreal World Film Festival Finalist : Free Speech Film Festival Nominated Best Director in a Short (Nicole Kian Sadighi):World Music and Independent Film Festival Nominated Best Actress in a Short (Nicole Kian Sadighi):World Music and Independent Film Festival Nominated Best Supporting Actress in a Short (Mary Apick):World Music and Independent Film Festival Nominated Best Screenplay Short (Nicole Kian Sadighi):World Music and Independent Film Festival Nominated Best Dialogue:Action on Film International Film Festival Official Selection:Beverly Hills Film Festival Official Selection:BeFilm The Underground Film Festival Official Selection:Arpa International Film Festival Official Selection:Santa Rosa International Film Festival Official Selection:Burbank International Film Festival

Nicole has been interviewed and reviewed by The Huffington Post, BBC Los Angeles Times, AP, Paris Match, Javanan, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Christian Science Monitor, Radio Vaticana, Le Monde, France24, FrontPage Magazine, AndishehTV, Kayhan London, The Iranians, Politica Online, CCTV C-Span and many more.
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Trade Mark

Her English accent, which she hasn't lost since moving to the United States


Is a huge of advocate of human rights, and is a asked as a guest speaker for numerous NGO's. Is a fellow researcher at the Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy for Iran.

Nicole is a dedicated gamer of all the major games out there. Her favorites are the single player shooting games.

Grew up in Richmond, London, England.

Both her parents are veteran broadcast journalists and news anchors and well known in both the Persian and American journalism circles.

Is the daughter of Nader Sadighi and Shahla Arasteh.

Nicole Kian Sadighi used to run acting and dancing workshops for the special needs students at her Brookland's Performing Arts school.

Nicole Kian Sadighi is a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Advisory Council.

Nicole Kian was voted the Student Union's Equal Opportunities Representative at Richmond College.

Nicole Kian Sadighi is the founder of Persepolis Pictures.

Personal Quotes

Don't make a movie just for the hell of it and then leave to collect dust after your last of shoot. If you're going to venture into producing/directing any movie, have a game plan and ask yourself "why am I making this movie?". Don't do it just for the sake of telling people that you've made a movie. So what. Don't waste your time if that's the case.

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