Welcome to Festival of Arts' فستیوال هنر Gallery of THE IRANIAN ACHIEVERS

Welcome to Festival of Arts' فستیوال هنر Gallery of THE IRANIAN ACHIEVERS

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Reza Kianian

Date of Birth
19 June 1951, Tehran, Iran

5' 8" (1.73 m)

Mini Biography
Reza Kianian was born in Tehran on June 19, 1951. The second child in a family of 8 (he has 4 brothers and 2 sisters), he moved to the city of Mashhad with his family when he was 1 year old. His first acting coach was his brother Davood, whom arranged for him to act in his theatrical troupe for 3 years. After leaving his brother's group, Kianian started acting professionally in theatre groups around Iran. In 1972, he was accepted and completed his degree in acting at University of Tehran. Throughout his illustrious career, Kianian has worked with esteemed directors such as Bahman Farmanara, Massoud Kimiayi, Ebrahim Hatamikia and Saman Mogadam to name a few. Kianian married his wife of almost 30 years, Haydeh, on March 21 1983, on the Persian New Year. A painter and photographer and sculptor, Kianian splits his time between film projects and fine arts. His paintings and photos have sold in various national and international auctions as well as solo and group exhibitions in the more prestigious galleries. In June of 2012, Reza Kianian acted as the auctioneer for the Tehran Auction, the first ever auction-style event in Tehran. The Tehran Auction set a worldwide record by selling out, raising over a million dollars. Furthermore, Reza Kianian is the author of 9 books, winner of numerous awards and is considered to be one of the staples of Iranian Cinema.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Tandees Tanavoli

Hayedeh (21 March 1983 - present)

Always admires Meryl Streep.

Is the recipient of two Crsytal Simorghs (the equivalent of Iranian Oscars) for 'The Glass Agency' and 'A House Build on Water', and has been nominated for numerous other roles.

He is also a scriptwriter and an award winning Production Designer.

Was an auctioneer for Tehran Auction, the first ever 'Christie's style' auction of fine arts in Iran. The auction was sold out, raising a substantial amount.

Moved to Mashhad with his parents when he was 1-year-old, where he finished primary and high school and even dabbled in ethics and religious studies for a while.

His first acting coach was his brother Davood, who directed him in his first role in theatre in Gholam Hossein Sa'edi's 'Az Paa Nayoftadeha' (The Tireless), when he was a teenager.

Has published 9 books, mostly on acting techniques and one on Nasser Malek Moti'i and Fardin, two of pre-revolutionary cinematic stars of Iran.

Has attended over five group exhibitions for his paintings, photography and sculptures.

Has written and published 9 books in Farsi: Sevoomin Sarneveshte Davood (Davood's Third Destiny) Bazigari (Acting) Tahlil-e Bazigari (Analyzing Acting) Shobadey-e Bazigari (Magic of Acting) Bazigari Dar Ghab (Acting in Frame) Naser o Fardin (Naser and Fardin) Aks haye Tanhaee (Images of Loneliness) In Mardom-e Nazanin (These Lovely People) Ghaar-e Sevom (The Third Cave).

Actor (39 titles)
2012 Saad Saal Be In Salha (Miss Iran)

2012 Saad Saal Be In Salha

2012 Ghalb-e Yakhi Season 3
Shahrokh (rumored)

2012 Laboratory
Niloofar's father

2012 Migren

2011 A Cube of Sugar

2011 The Maritime Silk Road
(Captain) Nakhoda Idris

2011 Gozaresh-e yek jashn

2010-2011 Mokhtarnameh (TV series)
– Akharin bazi
– Dar pust e mish
– Doldol
– Ettehad e shum
– Ghalaf e shekaste
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2009 7:05

2009 Sedaha

2008 3 Women

2008 Khake ashena

2008 There's Always a Woman in Between

2007 Gharib's Story (TV series)
Ayatollah Firoozabadi

2007 The Reward of Silence

2006 The Fish Fall in Love

2006 Men at Work

2005 Yek boos-e koochooloo

2005 Yek teke nan

2005 Zagros

2004 Ghadamgah

2003 The Wind Carpet

2003 A House Built on Water
Dr. Reza Sepidbakht

2003 Jayi baraye zendegi

2003 Ra'i baz

2003 Gahi be aseman negah kon

2001 Killing Mad Dogs

2001 Roomeshkan

2000 Booye kafoor, atre yas
Dr. Arasteh (The Attorney)

2000 Issa miayad
Saheb Salam

1999 An Umbrella for Two
Ehsan Daneshvar

1999 The Red Ribbon

1999 The Glass Agency

1996 Soltan

1995 Common Plight

1995 Alchemy
Shokooh's Brother

1992 The unfinished man

1989 All the Temptations of the Earth

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